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Vilnius TV tower

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Vilnius TV tower

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I learned a lot of unheard of things about attractions. I thought that such information could only be found out from a guide.

Vilnius TV tower

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Vilniaus Televizijos Bokštas 2
Vilniaus Televizijos Bokštas 3
Vilniaus Televizijos Bokštas 4
Vilniaus Televizijos Bokštas 5
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Vilniaus Televizijos Bokštas 2
Vilniaus Televizijos Bokštas 3
Vilniaus Televizijos Bokštas 3
Vilniaus Televizijos Bokštas 5
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Vilniaus Televizijos Bokštas 2
Vilniaus Televizijos Bokštas 3
Vilniaus Televizijos Bokštas 4
Vilniaus Televizijos Bokštas 5
Vilniaus Televizijos Bokštas 6
Vilnius TV tower
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The Vilnius TV Tower is one of the most visited objects in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Its height reaches 326.4 meters and is the tallest building in Lithuania and the eighth tallest in Europe and the 26th in the world.

The construction of the tower was completed in 1980, it was designed by architects V. Obydovas and J. Balėnas. Its main purpose is to broadcast television and radio signals, it has become a symbol of both Vilnius and the whole of Lithuania.


Vilnius TV Tower has a rich and interesting history. Here are some highlights of her story:

Construction: The construction of the tower began in 1974. and completed in 1980. as a broadcasting tower for television and radio broadcasting for the city of Vilnius and its surroundings.

Opening: The tower was officially opened in 1981. January 5 and shortly thereafter (January 31) began broadcasting television and radio signals.
in 1991 Soviet coup attempt: 1991 January 13 the tower became an object of significant historical significance when the Soviet soldiers tried to take it over during the Lithuanian independence struggle. Lithuanian civilians formed a human chain around the tower to protect it, and a violent confrontation ensued, killing 14 people and injuring hundreds.

Independence: Lithuania regained its independence from the Soviet Union later that year, and the Vilnius TV Tower became a symbol of Lithuania’s freedom and independence.

Modernization: 2000 the tower underwent significant renovations to modernize its broadcast equipment and improve its safety measures.

Tourist attraction: Vilnius TV Tower has also become a popular tourist attraction, where visitors can take a high-speed elevator to the observation deck, which offers amazing panoramic views of the city and its surroundings.

Today, the Vilnius TV Tower stands as a symbol of Lithuania’s independence and a reminder of the country’s struggles for freedom. It continues to play an important role in broadcasting television and radio signals throughout the region and remains an iconic landmark of Vilnius.


Several legends and stories are associated with the Vilnius TV Tower. We have selected the most interesting ones for you:

Golden Needle: According to one legend, there is a golden needle hidden inside the tower. The needle is said to have been placed there by the tower’s architects as a symbol of hope that the tower would last forever. Although no one knows if the Golden Needle actually exists, it has become a popular topic of speculation among visitors to the tower.

Witches’ Sabbath: Another legend says that the Vilnius TV Tower is the site of a witches’ sabbath on Midsummer’s Eve. According to legend, witches gather at the tower to celebrate holidays and perform magical rituals.

Ghost of the Tower: Some people believe that the tower is haunted by the ghost of someone who died during its construction. Legend has it that the man fell from the tower and his body was never found. Visitors have reported hearing strange noises and feeling uneasy while inside the tower.

These legends, although not supported by any factual evidence, add to the mystique and intrigue of the Vilnius TV Tower and continue to capture the imagination of visitors and locals alike.

1991 January 13th

Vilnius TV Tower played a significant role in 1991. January 13 in events. On that day, the Soviet army tried to occupy the most important buildings in Vilnius, including the Vilnius TV Tower, in order to suppress the Lithuanian independence movement. Lithuanian civilians formed a human chain around the tower to protect it, and a fierce confrontation ensued. Soviet troops opened fire on unarmed civilians, killing 14 and injuring hundreds.

The Vilnius TV Tower was a critical location during the events of January 13, as it was one of the main broadcast stations of Lithuanian independent media. By taking control of the tower, the Soviet army could have silenced the voice of the Lithuanian independence movement.

The events of January 13th were a turning point in the struggle for Lithuanian independence, and the Vilnius TV tower became a symbol of Lithuania’s struggle for freedom. Today, the tower is a popular tourist attraction and a powerful reminder of the country’s history and identity.

Five reasons to visit the Vilnius Television Tower

Here are five reasons to visit Vilnius TV Tower:

Panoramic views: the Vilnius TV tower, located 165 meters above the ground, offers wonderful panoramic views of the city and its surroundings. Breathtaking views of the old town, the tower of Gediminas Castle, the Neris River and the village hill can be seen from here.

Historical significance: Vilnius TV Tower played a decisive role in the history of Lithuania, especially in 1991. January 13 soldiers

Elevator ride: The high-speed elevator to the top of the Vilnius TV Tower is an experience in itself. The elevator moves at a speed of 4 meters per second and takes visitors to the observation deck in just 40 seconds.

Museum: Vilnius TV Tower Museum, located on the first floor of the tower, provides a fascinating insight into the history of broadcasting in Lithuania. Exhibits include old televisions, radio equipment and a timeline of the tower’s construction and significance.

Restaurant: Paukščių takas revolving restaurant of the Vilnius TV Tower, which means “Birthway” in Lithuanian, offers a unique dinner with breathtaking views of the city. The restaurant rotates completely every hour, so diners can enjoy a 360-degree view and a delicious meal.

In conclusion, the Vilnius TV Tower is a must-see while in Vilnius. It offers visitors the opportunity to see panoramic views, feel the historical importance, experience a thrilling elevator ride, visit a fascinating museum and enjoy restaurant meals.

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Yes, a table can be reserved on the official website of the Television Tower
Ticket prices range from 7 to 34 EUR
Yes, you can book an excursion on the official website of the Vilnius Television Tower
In the Vilnius Television Tower, you can experience the feeling of freedom by walking on its side at a height of 170m.
You can reach the Vilnius Television Tower by bus 116 and trolleybuses 1, 3 and 9
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